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Wedding celebrant melbourne

Welcome aboard, I’m Ray Galea, your Marriage Celebrant and MC.

Weddings! I'm sure you've experienced the boring, cringe worthy ceremony! This was my compelling moment. I became a Celebrant and vowed to create fun, engaging, bespoke ceremonies, conscious of whom the stars of the day are…you.

Marriage celebrant melbourne

The “Celebrant with wings”Why? Well, I am also an International Flight Attendant and have been for 25 years.

My experience with flying all over the world has educated me in connecting with all cultures and ethnicities, whether it be looking after Royalty in First Class out of London or taking care of wide eyed refugees flying out of Africa. I was even lucky enough to meet the great Nelson Mandela... an incredibly inspirational lovely man.

I am also an MC. Being the Master of Ceremonies and marrying you is a fun and more personal package.

I'm Fitzroy, Melbourne based. Happy to jump on a plane for your wedding or enjoy a drive anywhere in the State.

Oh, and honeymoon tips! There isn’t a major city or exotic location in the world I don’t know. Celebrant travel agent:)

Ready for take off... 

Megan & Bec thought I was ok...

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'Amazing, Ray is very professional, yet brings out your story and the best of each of us. He made our day, he was witty, yet reserved and professional. Can not recommend Ray highly enough.' (February 2019)