Wedding Ceremony

Geelong wedding celebrant

Photography: Stuart Milligan   0409 512366

A marriage ceremony is a legal act involving legal documentation, time lines, and ceremony preparation!

Firstly, we can have a chat on the phone (It's ok folks, I don't use an off shore call centre). 

Next, let's meet up, test our chemistry.😄


Documentation. This is my domain, I will guide you through each step. 

All couples have a unique story. We can create a tailor made ceremony. I can write about how you met, what you adore about each, or for example, how like most Air Hostesses who marry pilots, carry on about how she saw past his lack of dress sense. Yep, sorry folks, most pilots aren't exactly the Tom Cruise 'Top Gun' types.😉The point is we can have fun and be creative here or we can take a more formal approach and leave the story telling for the speeches at the reception.

I can write your ceremony and send to you for approval and any changes you may require. Or, you can actually draft the ceremony yourself with me adding all of the legally required phrases. 

We then arrange a rehearsal, ensuring all involved in the big day are aware of their roles.

Most ceremonies usually go for about 30 minutes, but yours can go all day or we can make it short and sweet! It's your day, your call.

Be assured as if on a long haul flight you'll be travelling first class whilst under my care.


Any questions at all I'm contactable 24/7... this is my profession, I have all the answers.