Wedding Ceremony

Geelong wedding celebrant

A marriage ceremony is a legal act involving legal documentation, time lines, and ceremony preparation!

Firstly, we can have a chat on the phone (It's ok folks, I don't use an off shore call centre). 

Next, let's meet up, test our chemistry.😄


Documentation. This is my domain, I will guide you through each step. 

We can create a bespoke ceremony. I can write about how you met, what you adore about each, have fun and be creative or we can take a more formal approach and leave the story telling for the speeches at the reception.

We then arrange a rehearsal, ensuring all involved in the big day are aware of their roles,

a great way to ease the nerves.

Most ceremonies usually go for about 30 minutes, time is fluid.

Be assured as if on a long haul flight you'll be travelling first class whilst under my care.


Any questions at all I'm contactable 24/7... this is my profession, I have all the answers.