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Melbourne celebrant moments!

The zipper…

Being a celebrant is not without its 

embarrassing moments. My second wedding

 was at twotonmax wedding venue, a hip 

warehouse venue tucked away in the back 

streets of industrial North Melbourne.

I was warming the crowd as they took their 

seats while waiting for the bridal party 

(Bec and Rick) to arrive. I like to have 

immediate family in the front rows because I get to introduce myself to parents, siblings, grandparents etc.

Now, I love my bow ties - and I’m talking about the old-fashioned, self-tie James Bond classics - so I allocated a job to one of the young kids to keep an eye on mine to ensure the knot didn’t become askew and looked schmick for the photos.

This is my way of being inclusive, and the kids, often ignored at these things, love a bit of attention. It’s also a great way to make them behave and feel part of the big day.

Everything was good until I noticed grand-dad quietly pissing himself laughing and calling me over. He looked up at me and said he’d better be my zipper monitor. What da? Yep, I’d been prancing around with my fly undone.

We had a huge laugh, I adjusted accordingly, the entire front two rows cracked up, the crowd was warmed beautifully …all at my expense.

Finally, it was time to see if the bridal party was ready for their entrance. I popped out to see them. There was Rick and Bec, looking spectacular but both edgy and nervous. I said: ”Rick, Bec, fear not, your entrance will be grander than mine, as I see Rick’s fly is done up properly unlike mine… just ask your family.”

The laughter eased their nerves and the ceremony went beautifully.

Being a #malecelebrant has its disadvantages - just be sure to delegate a tie AND a zipper monitor.

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